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Value-based Leadership Transformational RoundTables

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Jeffrey Byrd Coaching is a certified specialist with Global Priority Solutions to conduct Transformational RoundTables for all people and organizations. Transformational RoundTables take values out of the theoretical realm and put them in the heart and daily practice, where they belong! Transformational RoundTables have been used in Guatemala, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Colombia, and many other nations to create transformation in the government, education, military, healthcare, and other fields. Values are chosen and the facilitator leads the RoundTable with vulnerability and authenticity. As action steps are chosen around the value for the week, each participant engages in strengthening the value in their own life, and reports back during each meeting on the results.

RoundTables can be customized to focus on the values that are most important to your team. Numerous values booklets are pre-arranged around key themes.


  • Gets the values off the wall and puts them in the hearts of your team.

  • Transforms lives, relationships, teams, and organizations.

  • Causes people to see the areas that are their strengths and opportunities for improvement.

  • Bonds people together, as we are all on a growth journey.

  • Opens eyes to see that the real value of a life is on the inside.


Testimonies about Global Priority Specialist RoundTables: “I have spent more than 40 years teaching leadership and in order to be an effective leader, you must first lead yourself well. The material developed by Global Priority Solutions will help people lead themselves through life successfully.”

– Dr. John C. Maxwell, Founder John Maxwell Company “RoundTable brings everyone participating to the same level. The boss is able to share his stories and experiences and learn from other employees and their experiences, while the employees are able to do the same. It brings teams closer together and, in my experiences, creates an atmosphere of respect, learning and growth.”

– Cameron Y., Media Specialist

“Participating in a Global Priority RoundTable will grow your character in a practical, life-changing way and give you unbelievable opportunities to deepen your relationship with others. It’s a great way to keep from living an unproductive and ineffective life.”

– Dwight Mason, Lead Pastor New Pointe Community Church “For me personally, I loved facilitating this value (Excellence) as it is jammed packed with nuggets that, when integrated into my life, will support me in becoming more excellent in several areas of work, friendships, and family. Truly, this is a foundational value that everyone can grow in and create more goals and dreams.”

– John Edwards, Founder Life Quest Seminars


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