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Eliminate negative thoughts

I've never met anyone who has taken a course in "How to think more negatively"! It seems that we are all born with an honorary PHD in negative thinking. The thoughts we entertain determine the quality of our relationships, both to ourselves, to others, and to life. So our thinking couldn't be any more important, whether individually or on a team. Dr. Amen, psychiatrist and brain disorder specialist, has identified 9 types of ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) that often are behind much of our troubled internal life, and as a result, often contaminate our outer lives as well. Once identified, ANTs can be labeled and talked back to, bringing realistic (not toxic positive thinking) to replace the unrealistic negative (and usually untrue) thoughts we are entertaining. This results in much greater peace, both within and without. The course called Killing ANTs (or eliminating them in organizations who prefer that verbiage) focuses on identification of the 9 species of ANTs and how to talk back to them. I've also included how to light up our brains with gratitude, as I don't believe that gratitude and negative thinking can co-exist! Talking back to the negative thoughts is based on the work of Byron Katie, who was depressed, obese, and addicted to substances, before she began addressing her negative thoughts and talking back with reality-based thinking. She now uses her hard-won understanding to help others. "ANT Therapy" is a practice that Dr. Amen uses with everyone who walks into his offices, no matter what the brain issues that brought them in the door may be. We all have unrealistically negative thoughts at times and need to understand how to "talk back" to them with reality when they come knocking at the door of our mind. As a Licensed Brain Health Trainer with Dr. Amen, this has become a most useful practice both personally and with those I've trained on how to think realistically. We all can have a better brain with better thoughts. As a result we can know more peace in our own lives, better relationships, and greater success toward our goals and purpose in life. To bring ANT Therapy training to your team, reach out to me at and we'll uplevel the quality of thinking and living of your team today!

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