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The Tremendous Power of Teamwork

If there is one thing more certain than another it's that I can't do everything that is needed. Each of us has to have help. Thank heavens that others have gifts and personalities that are different than mine. The last thing we need is exact replicas of me running around! Each of us has a gift, each of us has a unique personality, each of us adds value to the whole in ways that no one else can. We need the abilities and great things that others bring. Understanding the skills, abilities, and joy they bring to the table is the beginning of doing something great. It can be all too easy to find the faults with others, but what if instead of finding the flaws, we find the brilliance, the genius, the ways in which they can add value and make the world, and a team, a much better place to be. Often, I feel that I simply wish I had better words, deeper words, more powerful words to convey my appreciation and deep admiration to others for all they are and all they contribute to me, and to others. A world in which all people sincerely appreciate the value of all others will result in a world where no one feels unappreciated! I wonder how many problems that will solve! A few tips toward greater appreciation of others are: 1- Stop and notice all the benefits others bring to the table. Even if there is a way to go until you reach a certain goal, let all others are doing to move forward sink in. 2- Think where you would be if you were on your own. What if that teammate, friend, family member wasn't there and you had to pick up all their slack. What a pickle you'd end up in. 3- Let them know. Don't wait for an opportunity to let them know how much you notice the difference they are making and how much you appreciate it to come, make the opportunity. Send the card, make the call, schedule the coffee. You'll make more than their day, you'll also make yours! As a coaching client told me recently, she gave a sincere compliment and the recipient was shocked. Don't be surprised if someone is shocked by your appreciation, they just haven't received enough of it in this world. Let's change that and do something great together as we see the possibilities in others, and of working together. Today I'd like to start by appreciating a with a fantastic skill set, who has made it possible for me to share this thought and many others. Christie Privette of Two17 Marketing ( has created this brilliant website for me. This is something for which I am extremely grateful and which it would have taken me ages to figure out on my own. Her gifts make what was impossible possible and realized! If you are like me and this type of stuff isn't your thing, reach out to her. Believe me, Christie will make your website dreams come true! Like Christie, many have gifts that have made our life so much better. Take a minute to reach out today and let them know how much difference they make!

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