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The I C conflict

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

As I've trained organizations over the past several years on the Maxwell Method of DISC, I always emphasize understanding each other in order to communicate most effectively in the other's "language".

This leads to lots of "aha" moments of self-awareness and other awareness. It has helped my wife and I immensely in our understanding of each other and is not solely limited to organizational health. It informs us of the best response in all areas of life.

One of the difficult relations that often springs up is when the I and C types have to work together. The I's are the fun ones. To them, is seems everything is something to celebrate and they are the life of the party. Of course, they are very people oriented and thrive on social interaction. They are usually in the sales or marketing department, since their natural ability to connect with others shines brightly there. C's on the other hand tend to be much more reserved. They are the thinkers and often prefer to work alone. They like to find all the details before making a decision and want to be sure said decision is bullet-proof and that no one can find fault with it. They are often in managerial roles, especially where compliance is an issue, as in healthcare and other organizations. The issue isn't that they don't like each other, the real issue is that they don't understand each other. The I's just can't understand why anyone would be so interested in so many details and data, and why the C's can just lighten up and have more fun in life. The C's on the other hand can't understand why the I's don't realize why all the details and paperwork are so important to the well-being of the organization and those it employs and serves. Here lies the rub. They both must come to the table and learn to see from the other's point of view. Both serve an immensely important role and neither type should be minimized. The social aspect is vital, and so is the compliance to details. Neither is right and the other wrong, they just need to understand the value the other brings to the team and organization. I've seen the Maxwell Method of DISC workshop bring new understanding and appreciation of team-mates and open a whole new way of discovering how to best communicate to others in order to get the best results for everyone! It's been said that the Golden rule is to treat others the way you like to be treated, but the Platinum rule says to treat others the way they want to be treated. I's and C's aren't the only ones who benefit. Each type has their own communication style and perspective on life. Understanding each other and learning to appreciate the differences and individual strengths will add a whole different level to your culture and morale. As my friend Bob Beaudine says, "People want to work where they are celebrated, not tolerated"! A DISC workshop will help each member of your team to celebrate the others on their team and develop a new appreciation for what each team member brings to the table! Then working together becomes oh so much easier, even enjoyable! Reach out today to schedule your Maxwell Method of DISC workshop!

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1 Comment

Sep 08, 2022

Sweet Jeff, Celebrated not tolerated. This is the life. The PLATINUM RULE . . . . OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BOY! That will preach and set the captive free, live from the root not the fruit.

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