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Living Your New Normal

A friend recently told me that when your flight lands, you don't continue to sit in the airplane on the tarmac, you get off and continue to your destination! You have arrived at your "new normal". Often I find that I, and others I meet, are still sitting on the plane of yesterday and not continuing on to their destination. Sometimes its easy to get "stuck" in the events that happened yesterday (have you ever noticed how many times the news channels replay bad news!), or the thoughts and feelings associated with yesterday's occurrences. The great news is that today is a brand new day. As my Dad used to say, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life". None of us have to live today as if it were yesterday. This isn't Groundhog Day, you know!

Today, I can choose new hope of things improving. Today, I can choose to call to account those old thoughts and feelings and choose new ones instead. Today, I can use my gifts and abilities to make a positive difference. Today, I can see the value in others. Today, I can believe in the potential for good in myself and others. Today, I can put yesterday to bed and start afresh. Today, I can determine what I look like at my very best and make decisions that align with that image. Today can be your best day ever!


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