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Go See the Eclipse a Glimpse of God's Glory with Chap Percival

Updated: May 17, 2022

Photo: The Diamond Ring effect of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse by Jeff Byrd

A total solar eclipse (TSE) is one of the most breath-taking spectacles I have ever beheld. In this interview I have the privilege of interviewing Chap Percival, my former high school physics teacher, who is also an astronomer, on his newest book Go See the Eclipse a Glimpse of God's Glory. Chap Percival's work prepares the reader in every way for going to see the eclipse. He explains where to see it, how to see it safely, what to see (the TSE in April of 2024, not the annual eclipse which precedes it), but most importantly he explains why to see it. The why is to witness a glimpse of God's glory. An inspiration truly of heavenly dimension. A TSE can move one to tears, to joy, to newfound friendships, to awe and wonder at this amazing universe we live in. GO SEE THE ECLIPSE! You'll be glad you did! Chap's website is where you can learn much more! You can find his newest book Go See The Eclipse a Glimpse of God's Glory here:

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1 Comment

May 16, 2022

Awesome interview! I was reliving our Cookeville experience. So over the top worth it.

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