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A Transformed Life with Sadika Kebbi

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Sadika suffered unthinkable atrocities at a young age. Surviving the Lebanese civil war in itself was a victory, but overcoming the assault that had taken place on her heart was the greatest victory. Through her friend, Uncle George, and learning to hold the right truths in her heart, she has gone on to be an author, a speaker and Ted Talk speaker, the founder of the NGO Being Human, and has touched many lives and left them better and inspired through her very compassionate understanding and her world class story-telling ability. Sadika's stories are not easy, but they give much needed insight into the lives of others that we often overlook. Her compassion and faith bring needed healing to the hearts she touches.

Sadika's most famous saying is, "When you hold God in your heart, your enemy becomes human".

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