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Updated: Mar 31, 2022

For better or for worse, we all have personalities. We may expect the exact same type of response from Alexa or Siri because they are machines and that's what machines do. However, people are different. We vary depending on our mood, our situation, the news we've watched and how it affected us, and many other factors. One factor that is a constant is our personality. We develop this very early on and are affected by it throughout our lives, making it critical to understand. Not only is our personality critical to understand, but so are those of the people with whom we live our lives and especially work. As personalities are better understood, so also can be the ways in which we respond. One director whose staff I recently led through a Maxwell Method of DISC training said, "We don't want to be pushing each other's buttons" not even realizing what was happening! Often, that is the case though. We may even fall into patterns of "pushing buttons" and creating needless drama and wasting time and energy, when a little understanding of how to best communicate with someone would go a long ways. I'm and IDC personality and my wife is an IS. We get along great personally, but not always so great in a work relationship. Understanding this and learning ways to productively communicate between the two styles is of enormous help. We are able to best encourage each other toward productive use of time and resources and to frustrate each other less! If this sounds like something your team could use, please reach out to me at today to find out your personality type and

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