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About Us
- Coach, trainer and speaker with
  The John Maxwell Team​​​

- Radio presenter

- Founder and Mentor of
  Byrd Young Leaders School in
Getting you "from here to fulfillment" is the reason Jeffrey Byrd Coaching was founded. ​
Understanding your unique vision and equipping you with the skills and understanding of the steps needed to fulfill your vision is the mission of my organization. 
Drawing from the vast experience, expertise and training gained as a certified speaker, coach and trainer with the John Maxwell Team, in addition to experience as a business leader, youth trainer, and founder and mentor of the Byrd Young Leaders School in Pakistan, Jeffrey Byrd is ready and able to be a thinking parter, group trainer or a keynote speaker at your next event. 
Bringing real life experience with principles of leadership and growth that have been proven effective in every country in the world, Jeffrey is ready to bring the insight gained by himself and many others, over many years, to focus on your particular need, vision and dream. 
Teamwork indeed makes the dream work and my dream is to see your team work to realize your dream. 
Partnering with you to create great vision and taking the small steps needed to get there through
​Leadership, Personal Growth, and Teamwork
Our Services
Keynote speaking and presentations on leadership development; personal growth; team-building and communication; gaining influence; adding value, and many other topics gained from experience in building businesses, founding the Byrd Young Leaders School in Pakistan, and the leadership principles and insights gained as a John Maxwell Team member. 
Corporate, team and workshop training on various aspects of leadership, gaining influence, overcoming limiting beliefs, believing in others plus other subjects that build strong, supportive teams, see the best in all others, strengthen relationships personally, in businesses, with clients and referral sources. Learn to become not only a valuable asset to your business, but a trusted partner to everyone, who adds value on all levels. 
Partnering with individuals and businesses to define vision and current circumstances and to explore the most appropriate course of action to move you and your team toward your goals. Follow-up and exploration of successes and failures will provide great insight into how to best choose appropriate actions, which are intentional, purposeful and which will produce your desired results.